Relativity Centennial

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Since this year is the centennial of Einstein’s “On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies” (catchy title for one of the big world-shaking publications of all time!) in which special relativity was first published in its finished form, it seemed like a good time to link to some great audio. The first is Einstein himself explaining the theory. And the other is a very fun page (from Nova’s “Einstein’s Big Idea“) of scientists explaining the theory and its importance. Some of the big science heroes of the day. It’s always a good time, but 2005 is especially a good time, to think like Einstein.


Understanding Evolution

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Understanding EvolutionOne of my all-time favorite evolution websites (right up there with talkorigins) has always been Understanding Evolution, from UC Berkeley. The site was designed mostly for teachers–heavy emphasis on K-12, too–but it was still pretty useful for just about anyone. Well, now I find that they’ve updated the site, making it even more useful for a general interested audience. It’s well-designed, well-organized, informative, and of course the teachers’ site is still there, too. Terrific!


Oh, Flickr. How could you?

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Flickr has merged their login with Yahoo–so that we can use a Yahoo ID to login all at once to Flickr. That’s nice, and I don’t mind…but in doing so, they broke the authentication used by the cute Flickr Gallery Plugin I was using! I’m sure that with time, the author of that plug-in will fix the problem (yes? no?)…but in the meantime, I’ve commented out the Photo Gallery link from the sidebar. No photo gallery until the plugin gets fixed. 🙁 (or until I unmerge my Yahoo and Flickr ID’s).


Some help for students hurt by Katrina

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It looks like everything has been given the green light, and we at BMCC (with the rest of CUNY) will be able to take part in the Sloan Semester. It’s an effort to give students who have had their education interrupted by Katrina the chance to take online courses for free.

An accelerated semester will start in October, and students will be able to take a wide variety of courses, in a wide variety of disciplines and at a wide variety of levels, even if they have not been able to find permanent housing or employment yet. The courses will be offered by a range of institutions, with full course credit, with some funding provided by the Sloan Foundation, and the remainder by the host institutions.

It’s a great idea, and even though it’s a small drop in the bucket of help needed after Katrina, I’m glad to be able to participate in whatever small way I can.


Labor Day Weekend on the North Fork of Long Island

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A Picture Share!Eggplanting…a beautiful day for pick your own. 🙂 Not only pretty little baby eggplants, so smooth, so plump, but also peppers, tomatos, and peaches. A yellow seedless watermelon bought, sliced, and immediately eaten for the perfect refreshment. But an afternoon in the country is enough for me…happy to be back in Brooklyn!


Why didn’t they leave?

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For anyone asking the blame-the-victim question about Katrina’s victims–“They had warning, why didn’t they leave?” I recommend John Scalzi’s wrenching blog post, Being Poor.

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