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I’ve had a very good three years at Macaulay Honors College as Director of Technology and Learning. It’s been a good position, a good fit for me, and I have enjoyed the challenges and opportunities. But as is usual, I’ve been wanting more–more involvement with the “I” in “IT,” the “Learning” in “Technology and Learning.” I have ideas about curriculum and ideas about student projects and progress, and about faculty development and new initiatives.

So I’m pleased to say that my contributions and my eagerness to do more have been recognized and rewarded, and I’m now (as of September 1) Associate Dean of Teaching, Learning and Technology. Even with an official press release and announcement! 🙂

This means a great deal to me personally, and a great deal to me professionally. I’m hoping and expecting that it will mean a great deal to the college and our students and faculty, too.


  1. Dr. Ugoretz

    First congrats on your recent change in positions. Second, thanks for attending my presentation at the League for Innovation. It has been great for me as it allowed me to come across your blog. I have really enjoyed reading many of your posts. I was curious to confirm what you are using as an ePortfolio. I believe I saw Mahara mentioned somewhere but I am not sure. If so are you pleased with it? Are there any others that you would suggest we look at? Finally, if you don’t mind I would like to throw a link to your blog on mine. It is good to see a few open source people around. Take Care.


    Comment by Kent Brooks — 3/9/2011 @ 11:51 pm

  2. Thanks, Kent, for stopping by the blog, and thanks for your great presentation at the conference. (And call me Joe).

    I have heard some good things about Mahara, and many campuses around here are using Digication (Not Open Source). But we use WordPress. We have an unusual approach to eportfolios (who doesn’t?) and WordPress has been an excellent solution for us. We use Drupal here for several other purposes, but WordPress is quickly becoming our go-to solution. We use it for eportfolios, as a CMS, as an LMS, even as a backend for digital signage.

    I’ve got an abridged version of a presentation I did about our eportfolio system here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CusQr9xc13g&tracker=False .

    Of course feel free to link to this blog! Or also you might want to have a look at my more “professional” blog Prestidigitation http://prestidigitation.commons.gc.cuny.edu

    Comment by Joe — 3/10/2011 @ 11:10 am

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